Set of "Bordeaux"
620 g
The burgundy biscuit is impregnated with syrup, is intertwined with a creamy cream, raspberry mousse
Set "Vershkovo-banana"
440 g
Sponge cake, sour cream mousse, banana slices, banana filler and gel-filled.
Set of "Diplomat"
700 g
White, chocolate, poppy biscuits are layered with cream, condensed milk
Set "Brewed cake with butter cream"
420 g
Tender semi-finished product with butter cream
Set "Brewed cake with condensed milk"
420 g
A custard cooked soup. with condensed milk
Set "Brewed cake with chocolate"
420 g
Chilled semi-finished product with chocolate cream
A set of "Caramel"
540 g
Combined sponge cake, cream, caramelized condensed milk, filler "Limoncello"
Set of "Coffee basket"
320 g
The sand basket is full. milk, crushed with peanuts and creamy cream with coffee.
Set "Basket with protein cream"
200 g
The sand basket is filled with fruit jelly, cream and cream with protein
Set "Krivoy Rog"
600 g
White biscuit, cream soufflé, chocolate souffle, chocolate glaze.
Set "Coco Chanel"
700 g
Vanilla and strawberry sponge cake, soaked with syrup and sandwiched with cream and strawberry cream. The surface is covered with cream of cream and covered with a mirror glaze.
Set "Lasunka"
510 g
Sponge cake, creamy cream, caramelized. milk