Cookies "Favorite with currants"
1500 g
Chopped pastry biscuits with currant filler, sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Curl of cherry
1200 g
A delicious combination of sand and yeast cookies and cherry jam.
Cookies "Malinka"
1000 g
Knitted pastry cookies, raspberry filler
Cookies "Marmalade"
1600 g
Delicate combination of sand n / f with apricot marmalade.
Cookies "chick-chick"
900 g
Take the sandwich cookie
Cookies "Smacker caramel"
1300 g
Sand p / f with boiled condensed milk
Cookie "Cherry Night"
1200 g
Cold snack cookie made from cocoa, cherry filler.
Cookies "Fiesta"
1000 g
An unrivaled combination of sunflower seeds, oatmeal for raisins.
Oatmeal cookies with halva
1000 g
A combination of oatmeal and vanilla halva
Sandwich chocolate
1300 g
Shortbread cookie, chocolate filler.