About us

Private enterprise Dialogue Optima is a modern developing enterprise, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian confectionery industry, which has been operating on the market since 1999.

Many years of experience allowed us to create a successful concept for the production of quality products using both modern technologies and traditional recipes for the preparation of products.
PE Dialogue Optima produces a variety of products, the assortment of which is more than 100 items - cakes, cakes, pies, rolls, products from sand, puff and yeast dough, gingerbread, muffins, and also exclusive cakes to order.

Our products can be purchased at specialized stores at:
str. Katerynovskaya 16/26. shop
str. Katerynovskaya 16/26. shop "Katerynovsky" OLYMPUS st.
Shop "Dialogue Optima" boulevard Marshal Vasilevsky 22a.